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Allies Against Racism (Allies) began in June of 2018 as a series of monthly public discussion forums to educate ourselves and our broader community about the nature, operation and impact of racism, both locally and nationally, and to learn from and develop relationships with our neighbors, people of color and other historically marginalized people. Over 200 people have participated in this effort and have developed number of action initiatives.

Allies Against Racism has drawn on the energies and talents of people from across the community, including a number of religious organizations, Project Neighbors, Northwest Indiana African American Alliance, Valpo NEXT, the James L. Kingsland Cultural HUB, Valparaiso High School students and parents, and teachers, members of the Valparaiso Human Relations Council, the Valpraiso University community and many other neighbors and community members from business, government and non-profit organizing and from all walks of life..

Allies Against Racism continues to facilitate guided discussions for civic and religious associations interested in exploring white privilege, white supremacy and white fragility, as well as the structural nature of racism and anti-racist practice.

In addition, there are ongoing workgroups focusing on these issues in the Valparaiso Community Schools (VCS) and with the Valparaiso Police Department (VPD).

Allies Against Racism seeks to better understand and to bring an end to racism and other forms of oppression and abuse of our fellow human beings. We strive to do our part in creating that better world which we all know is possible and to make the Valparaiso area a truly welcoming community for all.

We do this out of love and firm resolve to identify and challenge racist ideas and racist policies and work to reverse the inequality between racial groups caused by racist ideas and policies and to oppose discrimination against individuals based on their race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual or gender preference, religious belief or where they came from.