We are working to help make the Valparaiso Community School experience positive for all students, regardless of the color of their skin or how they are identified.

restorative practices

We want safe and effective procedures and practices implemented throughout the K-12 system for dealing with incidents of racial and other discrimination and bullying.

Teacher Training and Hiring

We support the VCS plan to train teachers in diversity, inclusion, implicit bias and cultural competence and to hire more diverse teachers and staff. We want to see real results.

Teach the Truth

We want our students to learn both the positive and negative truths of our complicated history, in order to make the present and the future better for all.

We have been working for many years, and speaking regularly with VCS administration since August of 2020. VCS has already made improvements in the area of diversity and inclusion, and has begun working on restorative practices training. We want to keep the momentum going and see implementation throughout the system. We also support the student-led initiative Diversity Our Narrative (DON), which seeks to incorporate books by BIPOC authors into the curriculum.